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Ambassadors Training  for Apostles​​​​​​​ (ATA)

is a structured learning platform designed specifically for Apostles.  Through training & development, this monthly live, online class equips Apostles with the necesarry building tools to develop the strategy needed to successfully and effectively execute their God-given mandates in the Earth.  ATA will examine biblical apostleship, its duties, functions, commission, responsibilities, rights, authorities and mandates therein providing the tools, understanding, and wisdom needed to fully comprehend and work within the framework of your high call to Apostleship.

Second Saturday/ Monthly


Leaders In Training (LIT)

L.I.T. is a monthly training session for the apostle's leadership team.  These sessions equip the maturing leader with knowledge, tools, and development in order to successfully serve in their role under their senior leader. These live, online sessions will work confidentially with you, pushing toward the growth and maturing of not only individual leaders, but in functioning as a unified, apostolic team.

Fourth Saturday/ Monthly


Ministers In Training​​​​​​​ (MIT)

is a series of classes for those who are currently being trained up as ministers and leaders.  These classes are essential for those who are learning how to step into their call to leadership.

Third Saturday/ Monthly

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