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SPTC is a series of 4 courses, each consisting of 8 session seminars that immerses the learner in interactive training for maturing prophets,

intercessory prophets, and prophetic types.





Welcome to SHAMAR

Course Details

These courses have been specifically designed to help you understand your prophetic process, position and role in God’s eternal kingdom.

Each course covers extensive curriculum in the areas of:

  • The Shamar Prophet

  • Prophetic Protocols, Standards and Criteria

  • Creation Rules of Order

  • Prophets and the Occult

  • The Technology of Prophetic Fulfillment

  • Hearing, Heading, and Reaping God's Prophecies 

       In Their Season

  • And much more!

Who Should Attend SPTC?

  • Budding Prophets

  • Maturing Prophets

  • Intercessory Prophets

  • Seers

  • Apostles & Apostolic Leadership Teams

  • Apostolic/Prophetic People

Course Materials

  • Laptop / Tablet

  • Journal or Notebook

  • Internet Connection

  • Bible


Registration is now open for 2024!
Please use the link below to register.
For questions, please contact us at:

SPTC Course 1
Classes Will Be Available Beginning on:
January 25, 2024
  • Biblical Prophetic

  • Unlocking a Prophetic Paradigm

  • Governmental Intercession

  • Prophetic Intercession: The Weapon of the Prophets

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