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Join Apostle Nona as the "City-Gate Training Center" hosts the “Shamar Prophet Training Camp - Session 1 - 4.  


What is the Shamar Prophetic Training Camp?


SPTC is an 8-session training class that provides interactive training and education for maturing prophets, intercessory prophets and prophetic types.  Classes are provided through online modules and requires internet access. Camp courses will cover a variety of topics including:

* The SHAMAR Prophet

* Hearing, Heading and Reaping God's Prophecies in their Season

* Prophetic Protocols, Standards and Criteria

* Creation Rules of Order

​​​​​​​* The Technology of Prophetic Fulfillment…and much more!

Shamar prophet training camp.png
SPTC Class#1
February 14, 2023

Biblical Prophetic; Unlocking a Prophetic Paradigm; Prophetic Intercession: The Weapon of the Prophets; Governmental Intercession.

SPTC Class#2
February 6, 2023

The Daniel Prophetic Era; Prophetic Administrations & Prophetic Teams; Seven Spheres of Creation; Citizenship, Roles, Duties and Responsibility

SPTC Class#3
September 7, 2022

Manifest Prophetic; Angels of the 1st Sphere; Mantle-ship; Prophets & the Occult; Prophets and the Culture

SPTC Class#4
September 6, 2022

Do you possess The Spirit for the Office, Why educate Prophets, 8 Classes of Prophets, Gift vs. Office…and much more!

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